In written fiction, if a story, novel, etc., is narrated in the third person, then the story has no narrator—only a narration, composed by an author and read by a reader.

More precisely, unless a character in the diegesis narrates, there is no narrator—only narration.

This also alleviates a trouble of those who try to analogize fictional and cinematic narrators. It turns out that, in the latter, as the former, there is no narrator—only narration—unless a character in the diegesis narrates.

And then, in film, there must still be a narration, since the character’s narrating represents only a part of the storytelling; there remain editing, performance, music, composition of the shot, and all the other extra-linguistic devices.

Handwriting Non-Recognition

My handwriting blows. I was messing around with some handwriting recognition software, seeing if I could digitize my notes. Below is what it came up with, based on one of the neater pages in my notebook that I could find. Characters it doesn’t recognize are marked with tildes. That means it’s confident that it’s got the rest right. Apparently I am really big on the backslash.

For your curiosity, I’ve posted the scan of the page I was working with.

$~ 1Iv:> (Y:. ~ ( ‘. ~(JW OCl .!’jfJV vS( ~ ~,j If’ ~(;l.-
[1 c. ~fk4-1~O ij!9(‘{jtlv r;IC-t ~ f,t 10(~j-
~’V;I1J-U I!l~ I ~~ ~}1ill~~1tI CtvJlVv( frow.:J(Q{)?
R~~ s1(;)C~T-J ((600)-~;; ( ~~ ry[Ck-lk
VtC'{}SCJ v~ ~ Qy ~ /~ I
~ 6& se0 ~tr ~ wl~ ()D~JI .el~ h~
~ — 6JT GJt\.~ N. . ~_ ~r fJ~ r+ C””1/
~ C ~’> ~ ~.? ~ ~()~v l,(> ~ ~hQJF
~b.A ~ -bJGe.- r&/ \~v~~~l:sf – W\~O ‘I’A~J G11Y~~
. ~\LL 1lL ~N.IO~I(y)1,’ -_vI (); CV,{ VSL- C’l1~1L ~v u#1~1
_ ~~ \L~_C.) ~ fv~ifS vV’~(k” _
C~~~Y’ ~(‘-L ~~t- oJ: Ll cJG,:h~dt vI u’:>-c r-It>; fMlIl
c~ ‘tlb R-.~vwJ .. J
lo,G, ~Vl v’7 ~ It, ~””‘<! “, “” h.h lh- <;v~ b* ~
~Ul~> fN’-t fV1.~~~r~\1 d~ 1,1″,1.
~~l ~~ v;\ ~~~t~ ~~”(,JNI~I- ~.e,.)6J.OvAr
– _~~ ~~,:I(} D~,
~~~f(1J5 ~ s~~ ~fst -~I ~ l 1 ~ ~ R ~
s ~~)~~ w<>vv) ~\ ~~ ‘t 1v’t ~ ~ t ~ joJ
~11 s- C.-~’OVI\ t:v- ~0
:?QA(L”‘” vL~l ~N.M~ ~~~-~r d-o~N’J’VA,- A:re,v$vx(