In brief, I help my clients make their products, services, and organizations more compatible with human desires, beliefs, and behaviors.

(Some people call this work design strategy; mostly, it amounts to a rigorous way of thinking and learning about the intersections between people and businesses.)

Here are some of the ways I work towards that goal:

  • one-on-one interviews
  • ethnographic observation
  • facilitated group discussions
  • participatory design workshops
  • secondary research

I also offer a range of services for digital products, including:

  • expert UX/UI review
  • usability testing
  • heuristic evaluation
  • analytics review

I present the results of all these activities in a wide range of artifacts, from strategic recommendations and research reports to user flows and wireframes.

Don’t hesitate to get in touch (using my first name DOT my last name AT to talk about how we might be able to work together. You can also find out more about the diverse professional and academic backgrounds that qualify me for the work I do by visiting my Linkedin profile.