What’s Your Vote Worth?

Half of group of NYU students said they’d give up their right to vote forever for $1 million.

My question is, what about the other half?
Let’s say I could earn just 6% per year (after taxes) on $1 million. Isn’t $60,000 in contributions to the party of my choice worth more than my vote?

What about to non-profits dedicated to advancing the causes that I’m essentially voting for in the first place?

I understand the question is about the societal worth of one’s vote as compared to some measure of personal gain, but even if we stay altruistic, shouldn’t one make the trade in every case?

[Via Kottke]

First Post; News Roundup

First post. Sick of sending emails.

  • I hate to share it, but here’s more evidence that teens are smarter and more creative than the rest of us.
  • They’ve finally found a direct link between HIV and other primate viri.
  • What this guy’s doing with the motion sensor in his MacBook Pro and a desktop manager is incredible. Check out the video. He’s essentially created a new human interface here. Brilliant.
  • And…it’s the future. Some firm with crazy cred has released plans for a cloaking device.
  • The first robot controlled by human brain waves has made a peace sign. When the robots control themselves, they’ll have anything but peace on their minds. (But they WILL have minds.)
  • Ambien…does a (vegetative) body good. Seriously — this stuff helps insomniacs sleep AND lets the comatose have conversations? If it can help me find my scooter keys, sign me up.