First Post; News Roundup

First post. Sick of sending emails.

  • I hate to share it, but here’s more evidence that teens are smarter and more creative than the rest of us.
  • They’ve finally found a direct link between HIV and other primate viri.
  • What this guy’s doing with the motion sensor in his MacBook Pro and a desktop manager is incredible. Check out the video. He’s essentially created a new human interface here. Brilliant.
  • And…it’s the future. Some firm with crazy cred has released plans for a cloaking device.
  • The first robot controlled by human brain waves has made a peace sign. When the robots control themselves, they’ll have anything but peace on their minds. (But they WILL have minds.)
  • Ambien…does a (vegetative) body good. Seriously — this stuff helps insomniacs sleep AND lets the comatose have conversations? If it can help me find my scooter keys, sign me up.