After a long, long search for a decent, well-integrated (with the rest of my life) to-do list solution, I’ve found one. It involves using Jott and GMail, and it’s so simple that I’m kicking myself for not thinking of it.

The solution, adapted from studentlinc, goes like this: You set up a GMail filter that puts all your Jotts to yourself in the same place. Studentlinc uses a label; I use GMail’s starring function since I wasn’t really doing anything productive with it anyway, and I have the messages skip the inbox for convenience. Now, whenever I click starred messages, I have a to-do list.

It’s worth noting that I extended the solution by setting up a contact in gmail just for to-do items. I called it Todo (since i don’t want to type hyphens), and made the address (If you don’t know about the plus sign and GMail, check this out.) Then I set up a filter starring those

This has been a life-changer. My pockets are usually filled with scraps of paper on which I keep multiple to-do lists. Since I set this up, though, I haven’t kept one list.

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