Overheard at PodCamp

After a short while at PodCamp Pittsburgh 2, my ears were already overfull of emphatic platitudes and in-jokes:

  • “Your social media is you.”
  • “If you can’t delegate, you are dead, in this business, or non-business.”
  • “Did I just break the InterWebs? I hate when I break the InterWebs.”
  • “It’s all about where you are, and who you know—that hasn’t changed. That’s been Hollywood’s mandate for…120 years.”

Fuzzy math aside, I think the problem is that nobody quite knows what to say about social media, podcasting, web video. When things grow without top-down intervention, when new development comes from the periphery (or when there is no center, you might say), it’s hard to imagine how a conference like this one can amount to more than information sharing.

That can be valuable, and I suppose there’s something to be said for lonely bloggers getting in a room together. But so far, everyone seems to feel pressured to disseminate wisdom rather than to share insight.

Maybe I’m just grouchy ’cause I got here too late for any of the good schwag. And I really shouldn’t complain, anyway; I got to catch The Wailers playing a couple tunes for free at the DiverseCITY festival.

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