Election Coverage Special Effects

NBC just showed Ann Curry’s green room, as though we though all those graphics she was throwing around were real, solid objects.

CNN pseudo-hologrammically projected Jessica Yellin into the Situation Room on CNN. Now Yellin is explaining that there are 35 HD cameras shooting her in Chicago, and those cameras are somehow tied to cameras in New York, such that the paired cameras’ movements can match. As a result, Yellin can appear in the Sit Room, spatially integrated, if jerky and haloed.

Does any of this add to the broadcast? The Curry bit I almost understand; tighter visual integration between her and the many graphics zipping by maybe helps comprehension or something. But isn’t there value in seeing the hordes lining up to get into Grant Park where Yellin is(n’t)? Wouldn’t it be more informative to hear the crowd behind her, as in a traditional broadcast?

Reminds me of Oswalt: “We’re Science—we’re all about coulda, not shoulda.”

2 thoughts on “Election Coverage Special Effects

  1. Nathan November 7, 2008 / 11:15 am


    You may be interested to know that the CNN reporter talking to the holographic reporter was actually looking at a tv screen and not a holographic, spatial representation.

    More info at Digital Inspiration.


    • devan November 7, 2008 / 1:33 pm

      I’m not at all surprised. For one thing, you could see in Blitzer’s eyes that he was thinking something like, “How can I come off like I’m not looking at a TV?”

      At any rate, when I say “appear in the Sit Room,” I should be more clear that I mean “appear to the home viewer”… perhaps this what you’re saying?


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