Cocktail: The Red Dog

It seems the name’s taken, but there’s really nothing better to call this delicious and stiff drink, which you might consider the summer-love child of a Negroni and a Manhattan:

  • 1 oz. white dog (the stuff I used was 125 proof; adjust the amount here to suit whatever you can procure)
  • 1 oz. Campari (or to taste; this much makes the drink more Negroni-like and less Manhattan-like)
  • A good splash of sweet vermouth (or more up to an ounce; I like many vermouth drinks on the dry side)
  • A twist of orange

Shake it up good and serve it on the rocks.

For a lighter alternative, use an orange slice instead of a twist (squeeze it a bit before you stir it in), serve in a Collins glass and top it off with soda.

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